high deck in freelton

High Deck in Freelton

Published On: May 9th, 2024

This beautiful deck started as a concept. The customer oversaw the process throughout the design process, including a hand-drawn sketch, a two-dimensional and a three-dimensional drawing, and engineered drawings.  While designing this deck for our customer, we kept in mind their vision. A deck that would allow the homeowner and their family to expand their living space while enjoying the backyard and all that it has to offer. With comfort and functionality in mind, this high deck has it all and created another happy Hickory Dickory Deck customer.

high deck design

The homeowner came to Hickory Dickory Decks with a vision for a more useful space that would provide enough room for entertaining while incorporating their backyard features, such as the hot tub.

Starting with a design that would include a low-maintenance deck, an outdoor kitchen, a pavilion, and design features that include stone trim, aluminum rails, stainless steel cupboards, and a cedar skirt, we got to work on making this dream deck a reality.

 After being presented with several options, our customer decided on Trex Enhanced Naturals in the colour Rocky Harbour for the deck.  This design features a pattern board down the centre that helps to ground each area of the surface and provide its purpose.  The deck and stairs are fully trimmed, and the staircase features closed risers. 

When it came time to design the roof structure, functionality and aesthetics were equally important to the client. We decided to build the roof with accessories in mind. The open timber design allows for the fan, TV, and speakers, which were installed upon completion of our work.  

outdoor kitchen on high deck in freelton

The outdoor kitchen is as custom as it gets.  With stainless steel custom cupboards, fusion stone veneer, and granite countertops, this kitchen has it all.  The design allowed for an existing barbeque and fridge to be installed and the exterior post of the pavilion hosts a fusion stone skirt to match the kitchen along with a granite bar top.

outdoor kitchen on high deck freelton

This project is one of a kind and our happy customer will be enjoying their new deck for many years to come. Our custom-designed decks can be the foundation of many happy memories with loved ones, enjoying life…Outdoors!