Outdoor Spaces to Replace the Cottage

Published On: October 1st, 2020

Perhaps you had plans to buy a cottage this year and are having second thoughts. You’re not the only one. Throughout the pandemic, many things have been hard to come by, including cottage sales. With the added need to keep our social circles small, many are changing gears. This is where a backyard oasis comes in, and a new deck can serve as the centrepiece.

Covid-19 has presented many problems throughout the country and, indeed, the world. Priorities have changed, and we find ourselves coming up with new ways to do things. Many are working from home still, allowing us to see our properties in a new light. Because getting away has been drastically hampered,  investments in our outdoor spaces have increased. This might be the perfect time to consider a new deck.

If you had plans to purchase a cottage this year, but a dry market derailed those plans, you are not alone. With Covid-19 came a dramatic decrease in travel, and the desire to find a home away from home increased. This has led to a shortage of listings available and has us rethinking once again.

Backyard decks have never offered more luxury and less maintenance. With the addition of a low-maintenance deck, your property can not only provide you with primary shelter but an escape from your everyday life.

Outdoor renovations have surged. Landscaping, pools and decks have seen a significant rise this year due to the pandemic. In fact, you will be hard-pressed even to find the materials needed to complete that renovation and addition to your outdoor space. Many of the big box stores are sold out of materials such as wood. The deckyard has those supplies. If you are in the market for a new deck but are having trouble finding wood, visit the deckyard.

We all need a little respite from 2020.  Pull the trigger and invest in your home with a new deck.  Located throughout Canada, with locations in Edmonton, Moncton, Ottawa, and Toronto, our deck builders are ready to build a custom deck for you.